Due Date Plus helps you get ready for the big day.

Due Date plus helps you track your pregnancy milestones, look up symptoms and issues, and connect to the Aetna Better Health program services like case manager support, so you can have a healthier pregnancy.


This program is currently available to Aetna Better Health of Texas members. Due Date Plus for Aetna Better Health of Texas is a program that helps you keep track of your pregnancy milestones, set reminders and get actions personalized just for you. Due Date Plus for Aetna Better Health of Texas is connected to Aetna Better Health of Texas services.

There's a lot to learn when you're pregnant! Due Date Plus for Aetna Better Health of Texas helps you stay on track every step of your pregnancy. In addition to finding out about your Aetna benefits during and after pregnancy, the program has a lot of features to help you have a healthy pregnancy. By connecting with Aetna Better Health of Texas you will learn more about resources included in your health plan, such as the Aetna Better Health of Texas, as well as the option to work one-on-one with a nurse throughout your pregnancy.

Use this app to track your weight gain, look up symptoms, find out about health issues in pregnancy, keep a list of things to talk about with your doctor, and set reminders so you won’t forget the important things to do when you’re pregnant.

Get weekly updates with ultrasound videos showing what babies look like at each stage of pregnancy. Daily updates give you important tips and inspirational quotes to stay positive and motivated.

Developed in conjunction with a board certified OB who has over 15 years' experience taking care of pregnant women and their babies. Other contributors include nurse midwives and other medical experts.

It’s easy to use – just enter your due date and birth date, and Due Date Plus sets up your pregnancy milestones. As you look up symptoms, enter your health history and answer questions about how you're feeling and things you're doing, Due Date Plus makes a healthy pregnancy action plan with actions just for you.

When you see something you want to talk to your doctor, midwife or nurse about, you can add it to your Hot List so you can easily remember it at your next appointment.