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Bupa Due Date Plus Mobile Application FAQs

General Questions

What is the Bupa Due Date Plus application?

Bupa Due Date Plus is a free mobile app that helps Bupa Global members track pregnancy milestones, identify health symptoms or issues, find out about pregnancy programs offered through Bupa Global, and stay healthy by setting up reminders and using helpful tools right on their smartphone.

Who is eligible for Bupa Due Date Plus?

Bupa Due Date Plus is currently available to all Bupa Global health plan members worldwide. Bupa launched Due Date Plus as a pilot program to members and plans to make it available until at least March 2018.

Does this cost anything?

Bupa Due Date Plus is provided to members free of charge.

What are the main features of Bupa Due Date Plus?

Bupa Due Date Plus includes a variety of features to help promote healthier pregnancies. These include:

  • Milestones, which are personalized pregnancy milestones based on gestational age and health benefits to help members stay on track during pregnancy
  • Weekly content and ultrasound videos, as well as daily tips up to the mother’s due date
  • Symptoms & Issues, where members can look up health or lifestyle issues during pregnancy to get real-time advice and actions
  • A Weight Gain Calculator that can let members know whether their weight gain during pregnancy is within healthy ranges
  • The Hot List, which is a place to store things to talk about with a healthcare provider
  • Baby Boost, 20-second tool that helps members relax and focus attention on their growing baby
  • Baby Kick Count Tracker to record kicks during the last trimester of pregnancy
  • Reminders on major milestones in pregnancy and reminders that can be set for action items to remember

What conditions are covered in the app?

The program covers over 50 health issues that are most important in pregnancy, including:

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • History of preterm birth
  • Depression
  • C-section
  • Heart disease
  • Alcohol use
  • Preeclampsia
  • Carrying multiples
  • Induced labor
  • Stress
  • Gestational diabetes

 How does Bupa Due Date Plus connect to a member’s health plan resources?

The application has been highly configured to feature convenient access to Bupa Global resources. Direction to Bupa Global-specific member benefits and facility finders are just a few examples of the types of resources integrated in the application. Depending on a member’s intended delivery country, they may also see local information specific to that geography, including a quick guide to popular maternity hospitals.

Does the Bupa Due Date Plus application provide information about what’s covered under my plan?

No, the application provides general information only. We suggest that you call the phone number on the back of your Member ID card to speak with Bupa Global directly about your specific plan’s coverage.

Does Bupa Due Date Plus help members track their pregnancy?

Yes, Bupa Due Date Plus helps members track their pregnancies through personalized milestones, daily advice and affirmations, as well as weekly ultrasound videos that are personalized to their gestational age. They can also use the Weight Gain Calculator to make sure their weight gain falls within a healthy range and Kick Count Tracker to record baby’s movement.

How was the clinical content developed?

Bupa Due Date Plus was authored by health writers and researchers with clinical and digital health expertise. To ensure compliance with current practice patterns, all content adheres to evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Who can members speak to about questions about their health plan?

For questions about a member’s plan, members are encouraged to call the number displayed on the back of their Bupa Global Member ID card.

Technical Questions

What types of devices is the app available on?

Bupa Due Date Plus is available on devices operating on iOS 8 or later (for Apple iPhones/iPads) and Android 4.1 or later (for Android phones/tablets).

How will members login to the application?

When members first register with the application, they will need to create an account by entering a valid email address and password. They will then be asked to input their Bupa Global Member ID and employer, if applicable.

Will members have to enter their password each time they login to the app?

No, not necessarily. Members can set their timeout preference by going to Settings > Security > Timeout. If “Never” is selected, members will be brought directly to their Highlights and Home screen when opening the app instead of the password login screen.

Where in the app can a member change information about their profile or pregnancy (e.g. photo, background color, due date)

On the main Home screen, members can tap on their profile photo to be taken to the About You screen. Once on the screen, all fields can be updated and saved by tapping the “Save changes” button. This screen can also be accessed by visiting Settings > Edit My Profile > About Me.

To edit pregnancy information such as due date, visit Settings > Edit My Profile > About My Pregnancy. Then tap the “Save changes” button.

Where can Bupa Global members download the app?

Members can download the app for free through the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The app can be accessed both from iOS and Android mobile devices. Use the keywords: “Bupa Due Date Plus” to search for the app in the stores.

 Who will handle any technical issues about the app?

Wildflower Health will provide resolution for any app-related issues and will provide responses to all support emails received within one (1) business day. All technical support issues should be reported to Wildflower Health at: support@wildflowerhealth.com

Within the app, members can visit Settings > Help for more information.

How is personal health information (PHI) protected by the Bupa Due Date Plus app?

Bupa Global has taken steps to ensure that Wildflower Health will handle your data to the highest standards. Wildflower Health will provide Bupa Global with information about your use of the app and any potential health issues that are identified. Wildflower Health will otherwise collect, protect, and use your data in accordance with the terms of their Privacy Policy.

How is data security handled in the Bupa Due Date Plus app?

Data security and protection are important components of the Bupa Due Date Plus application. All data is encrypted on the device and any files sent between Bupa Global and Wildflower Health are also encrypted. The communication between servers is through a secure connection and Wildflower Health runs independent security audits every year.

How does Bupa Due Date Plus protect members’ privacy?

Wildflower Health employs strict efforts to safeguard the privacy of members’ personal information. As a HIPAA-compliant organization, Wildflower Health secures all personal health information (PHI) on the members’ device and on Wildflower Health computers. All Wildflower Health employees undergo a rigorous privacy and security training program as part of being HIPAA compliant. In the normal course of their work, Wildflower employees cannot access any Bupa Global member PHI. Please refer to the Bupa Notice for more detailed information.

Wildflower Health Questions

Who is Wildflower Health?

Bupa Due Date Plus was created in partnership with Wildflower Health, a technology company based in San Francisco, California, USA. Wildflower Health develops mobile health programs that help families tap into their health benefits, connect with their health plan, and make more informed health decisions. Their pregnancy application was developed in conjunction with a board-certified OB who has over 15 years' experience taking care of pregnant women and their babies. Other contributors include nurse midwives and other medical experts. Find out more about Wildflower Health at www.wildflowerhealth.com.

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