Elevator Guide Rail

​​​​˽av Elevator Guide Rails are hot-rolled raw guide rails that are processed to meet customer specifications. Though typically produced to meet ASTM A36 standards, ˽av is capable of meeting chemistry as requested by customers.

Selling Formats

Custom specific grades with chemistry & mechanical property requirements are availabe upon inquiry.
Lengths from 15'  to 65' are available, but custom lengths are available. Saw cutting to shorter lengths is available.
Testing such as hardness, tensile, microcleanliness, charpy, macro is available when requested. Please inquire on testing not listed.
Additional value added processing is available such as saw cutting, pickle & oil, and machine straightening. 
Heat treatment such as normalize, temper, LP Anneal, isothermal anneal, quench & temper, stress relief anneal.
Please inquire on other value added processing not listed.​

Technical Specifications +

​Size Format Min Max Grade(s) / Specs
Per Drawing NA Per Drawing Inquire
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