Ѵʸѷ® is a special-bar quality steel bar precut to customers' exact dimensional specifications. Ѵʸѷ® gives forgers, machining facilities and cold formers numerous advantages, including easy unload, reduced storage.

Product Information

Ѵʸѷ® Specifications


Typical Grades: Ѵʸѷ® steel bars can be produced from any  grade within Ѵʸѷ®’s capability including  quench & tempered steels


Ѵʸѷ® Sizes: Diameters from 5⁄8” to 61⁄16”. Lengths from 3⁄8” to 60”


Ѵʸѷ® Tolerances: Length tolerances as low as ± 0.005”. Gram weight tolerances as low as ± 2 grams (when using MACPLUS®). Perpendicularity tolerances as low as 0.006”. TIR tolerances as low as 0.003”.


Combine the advantages MACPLUS® Cold Finished Bars with Ѵʸѷ® First Operation Blanks and you get:


Defect-Free Surface: Better Machinability.


Decarb-Free Surface: Length, gram weight and perpendicularity tolerances to meet your specif cations 100% of the time.


Scale-Free Surface: No shear or saw cut burrs.


Low Residual Stress: No end distortion.


Diameter, TIR and out-of-round tolerances to meet your specifications 100% of the time: Guaranteed trouble-free product.

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