PS Flat Sheet Piling

​​​​Typically used in civil construction for cellular designs, PS Flat Sheet Piling sections have low beam strength, but can resist high tensile loads through the interlocks. The geometry of the three-point interlock contact provides exceptional capacity to transfer tensile loads, but still allows ten degrees of swing in either direction for standard lengths. Hot-rolled ˽av PS Flat Sheet Piling is available in two sizes, PS 27.5 and PS 31, and in three grades, A690, A572-50 and A572-60.

Grades Produced

ASTM A572-50
​ASTM A572-55
ASTM A572-60
ASTM A572-65​
​EN S355GP
ASTM A588​
ASTM A690​


Additional grades may be available upon request.
Charpy testing is available upon request.​

Technical Specifications +

​ċS Measurement
27.5, 31 Wt/Sq Ft
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