˽av Board

Structure of Corporate Governance

˽av's Board of Directors is responsible for defining the Company's long-term strategies and for monitoring the guidelines and goals established for the business. The Council consists of members of the ˽av Johannpeter family and independent members. The Company also has a Fiscal Council with the function of supervising and monitoring the acts of the administrators and the financial statements. The corporate management is the responsibility of the Executive Board and the leaders of the business operations.

Board of Directors

  • Guilherme Chagas ˽av Johannpeter: Chairman
  • André Bier ˽av Johannpeter: Vice-Chairman
  • Cláudio Johannpeter: Vice-Chairman
  • Gustavo Werneck da Cunha: Board Member
  • Márcio Hamilton Ferreira: Independent Board Member
  • Claudia Sender Ramirez: Independent Board Member
  • Alberto Fernandes: Independent Board Member

Board of Auditors

  • Bolívar Charneski: Sitting Member 
  • Tarcísio Beuren: Sitting Member 
  • Aroldo Salgado de Medeiros Filho: Sitting Member 
  • João Odair Brunozi: Alternate Member
  • Herculano Aníbal Alves: Alternate Member
  • Marcelo Rodrigues De Farias: Alternate Member


  • Gustavo Werneck da Cunha: CEO
  • Rafael Dorneles Japur: Vice-President
  • Marcos Eduardo Faraco Wahrhaftig: Vice-President
  • Rubens Fernandes Pereira: Vice-President
  • Cesar Obino da Rosa Peres: Officer
  • Mauro de Paula: Officer
  • Wendel Gomes da Silva: Officer
  • Aldo Tapia Castillo: Officer