Quench and Tempered Bars

​​​​​​˽av's Quench and Tempered products are produced through an advanced induction heat treating and proprietary quench process that treats each bar or tube individually. The process adds strength and improves resistance to impact and abrasion. ˽av's quench and tempered bars and tubes enable customers to machine distortion-free parts, eliminate production processes, such as stress relieving or straightening, and save money. Quench and tempering can be done to all heat treatable grades of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel bars, ranging from 12' (3.7m) to 34' (10.4m) in length, and tubes ranging from 12' (3.7m) to 55' (16.8m).

Product Information

Grades Treated
All heat treatable grades of carbon, alloy and stainless steels.​


Heat Treatments
Quench and Temper
Surface hardening
Stress Relief Annealing​​


​Bar Products
Hot Finished or Cold Finished
Size range: 0.875" to 5.00"
Hex Shape (Inquire)​​​


Tubular Products
Welded or DOM
Hot Finished Seamless
Cold Drawn Seamless
Size range: 0.75" to 6.25" O.D.​


Length Capacity
Bar: 12 ft. to 34 ft.
Tube: 12 ft. to 55 ft.
Max. weight per piece: 2,000 lb.​


Straightness Tolera​nces
Bar: 0.125 " per 5 ft.
Tube: 0.030" per 3 ft.


Close tolerance custom cu​tting …saw and plasma
Cut to length for product applications


Other Value-Added Services
Machine straightening
Metallurgical suport
Complete traceability
Complete test reports
Small quantities available
Hex bundling
Stenciling/color coding
Experimental or trial orders encouraged
Short lead times
On-time, all-the-time deliver
Overseas packaging​

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